Bao, Soho [Taiwanese]

This was my second attempt at trying to score a table at the hugely popular Bao. Very rarely has a restaurant opened to universal praise and never ending queues so I had to go and see what the fuss was all about. Luckily on an atypical Friday evening there were only a few tables queuing before […]

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Isarn, Angel [Thai]

Isarn is curiously located on a rather uncharted part of Upper Street, a little further north than the clustering of restaurants towards Angel and a little further south than the clustering around the Almeida Theatre, resulting in a rather quiet dinner service despite having read great reviews. Well, it’s your loss, more food for me! […]

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Opso, Marylebone [Greek]

I rarely find myself in this part of London but for a dear friend’s farewell I found myself traipsing along this mini Greek enclave. I say mini because there’s only the Hellenic Centre and The Real Greek here besides Opso, heck three’s a party! Opso serve small plate, mezedes in London’s continued fascination with all […]

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