Ichibuns, Chinatown [Japanese]

Whilst most are debating whether the name is a little odd, I for one find the name rather genius. An obvious play on the Japanese word Ichiban, meaning number 1. What I am bothered about is the continued dissolution of the Chinatown identity. London Chinatown has been no more than a row of Chinese restaurants […]

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Po Cha, Waterloo [Korean]

Having been to the now defunct St. Giles branch, many years ago, I was surprised to find that they had relocated to Waterloo. The blame coming down to Crossrail’s mass exodus of the Koreantown in St. Giles and now Po Cha finds solace in the rather eclectic Lower Marsh in Waterloo. On my visit they had […]

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The Breakfast Club, Spitalfields [Cafe]

I’ve been to two different branches of the perennially popular Breakfast Club. The first time was for brunch at their 50/60s, Julia Childs’ inspired cafe at Battersea Rise whilst on the most recent occasion I went to their Spitalfields branch, a much dingier, almost “too-cool-for-school” interior filled with assorted knick-knacks to keep the 80s child inside you […]

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Opso, Marylebone [Greek]

I rarely find myself in this part of London but for a dear friend’s farewell I found myself traipsing along this mini Greek enclave. I say mini because there’s only the Hellenic Centre and The Real Greek here besides Opso, heck three’s a party! Opso serve small plate, mezedes in London’s continued fascination with all […]

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