Burger and Lobster, Farringdon [North American]

Burger and Lobster generated a storm when it first opened in London with its simple menu, steal of a lobster and no booking policy. A few years down the line and over half a dozen branches later Burger and Lobster is still going strong and has become the go to place for a cut price lobster, this being my second visit.

You know you’ve made it when impostors start popping up and many have tried to either hitch on the “(insert gourmet food) and (insert common food)” train or the lobster train, none have been as successful as Burger and Lobster.

On an early Saturday night, before 6 (to be exact), we headed for the Farringdon branch near Smithfield Market, that’s what these no bookings restaurants do to you! Force you to eat when inmates do or go hungry waiting in a burgeoning queue.


There was really not much for me to decide here, lobster is the order of the day! For me there’s no point in getting the lobster roll, might as well go to Smack’s for that at half the price and £20 for a burger doesn’t sound economical at all when the city is filled to the brim with the stuff. As always the lobster is dependable, a good size and fresh, it’s a pretty simple and economical concept really. However this wouldn’t be a post without me going ga-ga over how the garlic butter compliments the delicate pieces of lobster and the how the salad has a good hit of onions and dressing to compliment the dish. However if you know your food you’d simply chow down on your lobster knowing that you’d be hard pressed to find it cheaper anywhere else.

But since I’ve been to both the Mayfair and the Farringdon branch I do have to compare. In all honesty the whole experience worked much better at Mayfair, though much less than half the size the atmosphere and the friendliness of staff would definitely put it near the top of my list. On the other hand I felt that early on in the night, at Farringdon, the staff were rather lax and abrupt and dropped things on more than one occasion, it definitely feels much more like a chain here than their very first opening in Mayfair where the gleam still hasn’t rubbed off. So my conclusion is that, Burger and Lobster is a great place to get a cut priced lobster but go to the smaller branch down at Mayfair if you want the full experience.


Reservations Recommended if possible

Address: 40 St Johns Street, London, EC1M 4AY

Mind The Gap:

Mon – Thurs: 12pm – 10.30pm

Fri: 12pm – 11pm

Sat: 4pm – 10:30pm

Sun: Closed


The ever popular Burger and Lobster is growing fast with 7 restaurants in the UK, a few more dotted around the globe and another popping up in London very soon.


Panda ate, shot and left

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