Pizza Pilgrims, Soho [Pizza]

I have somehow missed the Pizza train in London because I’ve only ever been to Franco Manca out of all these relatively new pizza chains. I do like pizza, in fact sometimes I crave the 2am pizza binge that comes with student life but after I went to Pizza Pilgrims I finally figured out what the only way to eat pizza is, with a big group of friends. So there we were, two friends in what must have been one of the hottest days in summer sweltering our way through two 12 inch pizzas…

I ordered the Portobello mushroom and Truffle pizza. Being the carnivore I am I decided to add an extra topping of black pepper salami, just don’t! The salami overpowered the other flavours, honestly I’d think it’ll overpower any pizza, it was just too salty for my taste. But barring that the original pizza was a tad bland with scarcely any toppings whilst there was actually too much salami for the scarcity of the other toppings. The pizza base is also a lot chewier and a tad tougher than I’d imagined rather than the thin crispy bases I had in Italy.


I also got to try a bit of the Smoked Napoli. This definitely had more character but not being an olive fan myself I don’t think I could have finished a whole pizza. It’s hard to fault them for this but of note is that the underground dining area gets quite stuffy, especially with the pizza oven, they did try to counter this by having fans but it was still not that comfortable to linger around in.

Overall my experience of Pizza Pilgrims was sadly underwhelming. Maybe I just set too high a standard for pizza places because I’ve yet to find my go-to place but for now I’d stick with Franco Manca.

Address: 11 Dean Street, Soho, W1D 3RP

Telephone: 0207 287 8964

Mind The Gap:

Mon – Sat: 11.30am – 10.30pm

Sun: 12pm – 9.30pm

Pizza Pilgrims is a growing chain with 5 locations dotted around Zone 1

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Panda ate, shot and left.

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