Panda and a Liebster Award!

So, I’ve let it slip a bit. Apologies. There are so many restaurants that I’ve been to which I’ve yet to blog about but I am on it. But today’s post is not about food. It’s, in fact, thanks to the lovely Caroline @CarolineontheGlobe who nominated me for a Liebster Award! Her blog is full of interesting tidbits about London and beyond, especially my second home, Nottingham.


So the Liebster award is all about getting to know your bloggers a bit more so here are my 11 random facts…

  1. As you will now know I recently bumped into Ed Sheeran in the loo whilst dining at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay…
  2. I’m obsessed with nice packaging! I actually buy things just for the packaging and I keep them…
  3. That includes bags as well, By that I mean like paper bags/plastic bags…
  4. I’m embarrassed to say but I still don’t know how to ride a bike… well that’s what the tube’s for! Oh, and I see a lot of people scootering nowadays…
  5. I am never happy until I’ve exhausted all my options, whether that is planning something or buying something. I need to weigh up all the options and then decide.
  6. I will walk anywhere in central London. If time is not a factor I will avoid taking any form of transport.
  7. I eat not because I’m hungry but because I’m bored… but it’s also kind of a hobby.
  8. I can stay in the house for weeks on end and not see a problem with it.
  9. I need to know that I’m going somewhere at some point, wherever it may be, or I get antsy about being in one place for too long.
  10. There was a period in my life, maybe around 10 years, where I had never been in London in August because I was always in Asia.
  11. I secretly race walk random people on the street…


Here are the answers to Caroline’s questions…

What was your best travel experience?

Being a foodie and traveler at heart I am grateful to have been to a number of very special places. It’s almost impossible for me to choose only one experience but trekking into the desert in Morocco and seeing the stars above is a pretty unforgettable experience.

If you could be a president/government official and make an important decision about our planet what would you change?

Highly political! But I think first and foremost people need to respect each other. Too many crimes are committed simply because we simply don’t do that. Beyond that, I would change the way we try to dominate nature, how we exploit our resources. If we showed the world a little more respect we will be in a lot better place.

Where would you put yourself in 20 years time?

My lifelong goal has always been to establish my own brand. As an aspiring architect , first and foremost, I would want my own practice but my practice will involve more than just architecture. It will transcend to furniture, product, fashion, graphics etc. and possibly opening my own restaurant one day! I honestly hope that will be where I’m at in 20 years time…

If you could choose living in a big, busy city or quiet, beautiful suburbs what would be your choice?

At first, I thought this question would pit the antithesis of a city and the countryside but you decided to throw in the suburbs! Well technically I live in a suburb right now and whilst I long dream to have my own pad in central London for those tiring days where commuting is just absurd, actually, the ideal would be to live in the suburbs and have the best of both worlds!


How would you spend $10.000 won in the lottery?

Something celebratory with friends and family, most likely a meal! Since I’m a foodie. Then something for myself that I wouldn’t normally lavish on. A holiday would be nice! And then save the rest (if there’s anything to save!)

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Dog! And a corgi! I used to hate cats but my neighbour’s friendly and adorable cats in Nottingham turned me around!

What is the thing you spend the most money on?

Eating out! Please, I’m not Panda Eats London for nothing!

Would you be brave enough to do parachuting?

Yes! I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it but if an opportunity arises why not!

What is your favourite thing about autumn?

The colours and the sunsets.

Being elegant or wearing comfy clothes?

Elegance is given a bad name. I like dressing up a little, though not too much, smart casual is my go to.

How would you travel if you could choose any way of transport (even the most unusual)?

I would shrink myself down to be small enough to ride on a corgi! I can’t imagine anything more fun! Since the act of travelling from one place to another is the worst part of travelling.



I had fun answering these questions and hopefully, I’ll find some fellow bloggers to ask soon as well! But for now this was a nice little detour from my usual posts.


Panda ate, shot and left.

2 thoughts on “Panda and a Liebster Award!

  1. Thanks a lot for answering them and taking time to do it. I really appreciate it and I love every single answer. The idea of riding on a corgi is so funny I can`t stop laughing 😀 It was nice getting to know a bit more about you and I really wish your dreams will come true, fingers crossed for your own brand 🙂 Food is food we just love it not necessarily being hungry 😛 Have a great week! Till the next time.

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