Panda in March


The Larder on Goosegate – beautiful restaurant perched on the first floor in Hockley. Attentive and friendly service and a modern British menu make this a great little treat for those wanting a little more elegance for their night out.



Kiln – Great follow up to Smoking Goat, serving a different variety of Thai/Yunnan/Laos dishes. I have been looking forever in London for claypot glass noodles so this little joint is heaven sent to me, the dish is not too shabby either.

Milk Train Cafe – Instagrammable ice cream parlour serving ice cream on clouds (or candy floss to the uninitiated). The sweetness overload makes it difficult to taste the matcha ice cream but overall an enjoyable, though gimmicky dessert place, for matcha ice cream go to Tsujiri instead.

Yauatcha City – Not quite as seductive as their Soho cousins but the dim sum here is very good, though is it good enough to warrant the price? Don’t forget to check out their patisserie as well.

Galvin at Windows  – For the price you pay this is sadly a disappointment. Food on the whole was well cooked though at times uninspiring. Have also seen better views at other ‘sky-high’ restaurants.

Crosstown Doughnuts – Light sourdough doughnuts, the best are the custard filled ones, full of flavour whilst not being too sweet or decadent though that might mean you’d go through a dozen of them at once!

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