Panda in April



A good snack place for chicken wing lovers but I feel like they need more inventive sauces for the chicken wings and more cocktails. However, half price chicken wings till 9pm on weekdays mean this isn’t much more expensive than the Maryland Chicken next door so who would miss this opportunity!

Heavenly Dessert

Surprisingly upmarket for a dessert place in Nottingham which has seen an influx of Cream’s and Kaspar’s. Slightly confusing menu but a great choice of classics. The waffle was the outstanding dessert, light and fluffy. Come for some delectable treats after a light meal, you’ll need all the room you can get.

Pudding Pantry

Some really good moments like the side of celeriac with the sausage roll and the decadent desserts but the sausage roll was below average for the price. The lauded salted caramel brownie was also a bit too cakey and not distinctive enough but come for the desserts and I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

April has been a mundane month, busy with my final university project, so sorry about the lack of inspiring imagery!

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