Panda in May


Hing Kee

Beeston’s very own bubble tea and asian snack emporium. I had been here a few years ago and thought their bubble tea was decent, at least for this far flung suburb all the way up in Notts but unfortunately their taro milk tea, on this visit, was surprisingly watery. The bubble waffles, the reason why we came, were ok but not enough to save the disaster.


Inferno do it all! At least in terms of thin crust pizzas. Choose from a wide selection of toppings, as many as you’d like, sauces and some finishing touches and you’ll be whisked up a pizza in 3 minutes. However don’t include the queuing time in that! Service was actually rather slow but the pizza base was decently crispy for what it’s worth.

Le Bistrot Pierre

Good, no thrills bistro food in a nice, slightly upscale, atmosphere. They offer a decent fixed price menu as well. This is the place to go if you want something better than pizza but can’t afford the likes of Harts or The Larder on Goosegate.

Griddle and Shake

Unlimited Mondays and Tuesdays mean burgers, chicken wings and fries are (as you expected) unlimited. Though you’d have to eat a lot for it to be a great deal. BBQ wings and fries are a treat but I have slight reservations with the burger, which was a little lifeless and more perked up by your choice of toppings but it’s a veritable local substitute to Five Guys.

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