What’s the Panda up to?

So, I’ve been out for a while. Last month I graduated with my master’s degree and have been hit by a period of post uni busy-ness. Amidst travelling around, finding my feet and catching up with life outside the uni bubble I am now back in London and ready to give this blog some much needed loving!

Besides eating myself into a coma my other passion is travelling, whilst still eating myself into a coma. So from now on I also intend to share these travel experiences, tips and restaurant recommendations with you.

So some big updates for the coming days;

“Where to Eat in Nottingham” guide – having lived in Nottingham for pretty much five years I’ve tried most of the food scene up there so this will feature my recommendations.

General updates of where I’ve been to since my last post as I’ve not kept up to date.

Croatia Trip report! – I recently spent 11 days in Croatia travelling across the country. This post will document my journey which will hopefully be useful for others.


Panda ate, shot and left.

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